Activities Sidebar Loading Incorrect Data. Possible Elementor Conflict.

Hello, I've found that the Multicollab sidebar in the WordPress editor is unable to load comments in the activities tab. I could see in my browser's developer console that this was throwing a 500 error. Upon further investigation I found that the query being used to pull the post meta for the comments is also pulling back Elementor related meta. This is causing Multicollab to run into unexpected types (in this case a string). I found all of this in the file "class-commenting-block-rest-routes.php". For example, the query's LIKE clause is built using the following code: `$wpdb->esc_like( '_el' ) . '%'` In addition to the expected comment data, this query also ends up pulling back the following meta from Elementor: ``` array(4) { ["meta_id"]=> string(5) "92811" ["post_id"]=> string(5) "12270" ["meta_key"]=> string(18) "_elementor_version" ["meta_value"]=> string(6) "3.16.3" } [1]=> array(4) { ["meta_id"]=> string(5) "92812" ["post_id"]=> string(5) "12270" ["meta_key"]=> string(22) "_elementor_pro_version" ["meta_value"]=> string(6) "3.16.1" } [2]=> array(4) { ["meta_id"]=> string(5) "92824" ["post_id"]=> string(5) "12270" ["meta_key"]=> string(24) "_elementor_template_type" ["meta_value"]=> string(7) "wp-post" } ``` I assume this is happening becuase Elementor's meta keys also start with "\_el". I was able to work around this by checking that the $comments variable is an array before attempting to work on them on line 119 of the file. It would be great to see this fixed so that I don't have to directly edit Multicollab's files after every update. Let me know if you have any questions for me and thank you for your time! -Thane Harwood